About Us
'For Humanity' Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization that is engaged in cultural, educational, scientific, health, social, and other public beneficial activities. 'For Humanity' was founded on 21.05.2019 and operates in accordance with the Constitution of the RA, Civil Code and the Charter of the Foundation. The registration number of the Foundation is

The Main Goals of the Foundation

Humanitarian activities for the benefit of the society.
To support the solution of social-economic development issues of the RA and to assist in the implementation of related state, international and other programs.
To support and financially assist students, successful young sportsmen, as well as talented young people mastering to get a higher qualification and to exchange their experience in science,education, art and culture.
To implement various programs aimed at raising the level of education of young generation, introducing modern international best practices in different fields.
To help disabled people, elder people, war veterans, families of perished soldiers, populous families, as well as representatives of other social vulnerable groups.
To assist organizations working in scientific, agricultural, health and environmental sectors that develop and implement programs for the benefit of the population.
In addition, one of the main focuses of the Charitable Foundation “For Humanity” is to support women and children subjected to sexual, domestic violence and to help identify and solve problems connected with protection of their rights, sexual health.